About Us

Brand History

My name is Brandon Parliment, creator of unique daily living aids that help people win back their independence. I’ve watched my beautiful grandmother, Doris Longo, wrestle with her mobility and now morale for years. So, I set out to invent products that alleviate her everyday struggles and help her tackle the crippling effects of aging. It was then that I realized that everybody has a loved one in their life fighting similar battles. I decided to dedicate my life to inventing daily living aids for elderly, handicapped, injured and other individuals in need. These products genuinely make a healthy difference in their lives. They solve real problems. Mobility – a now defunct aspect of their lives, can be extremely difficult to manage both physically and mentally. Not only for themselves, but for the people that care for them. The Stand-A-Roo® product-line and sister product-lines provide affordable solutions. Ones that are simple and that recharge their confidence.